Two Storey Modern House

Overview This captivating two-storey modern house stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of natural elements with contemporary design. The exterior is adorned with wooden cladding that imparts a warm and inviting aesthetic, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding environment. The sleek lines and large windows of the façade perfectly complement the organic … Read more


This modern bungalow embodies the essence of refined living through its thoughtful architectural design. Expansive windows grace the façade, suffusing the interior with natural light that dances upon the white walls and elegantly contrasts with the warmth of earth-toned accents.

Two Storey Modern House

The two-storey modern house design showcases a harmonious blend of architectural innovation and functional elegance, accentuated by its defining feature: expansive floor-to-ceiling windows.

Mayor’s Residence

The modern beach house design encapsulates the essence of coastal living in a sleek and contemporary manner. A seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces is achieved through expansive glass walls that frame breathtaking ocean vistas and flood the interior with natural light.


The duplex modern house design reimagines urban living by seamlessly integrating contemporary aesthetics with practical functionality. The exterior façade exudes a sense of unity while also allowing individuality for each unit.