Private Client


120 sqm


Manila, Philippines


Exterior and Interior Design

The duplex modern house design reimagines urban living by seamlessly integrating contemporary aesthetics with practical functionality. The exterior façade exudes a sense of unity while also allowing individuality for each unit. A harmonious blend of minimalist lines and striking geometric forms creates a dynamic visual appeal. The use of a cohesive material palette, featuring a combination of sleek concrete, metal accents, and expansive glass panels, lends a timeless yet forward-looking quality to the design. Large windows adorn both levels, welcoming abundant natural light into every corner and establishing a strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Upon entering each unit, an open-concept layout maximizes space and encourages a seamless flow between the living, dining, and kitchen areas. The ground floor of each unit boasts a spacious living room that extends to a private outdoor patio through sliding glass doors, catering to both privacy and social interaction. The kitchen, characterized by its modern cabinetry and high-end appliances, is an inviting hub for culinary creativity. A floating staircase with steel railings leads to the upper level, where the bedrooms are located. Each unit comprises two well-appointed bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, designed to provide a tranquil retreat from the bustling urban environment. The master bedrooms feature private balconies that offer panoramic views and a serene escape.

The architectural design prioritizes sustainability, integrating energy-efficient features such as solar panels on the flat roof and rainwater harvesting systems to minimize the environmental impact. Landscaped common areas, with native plants and seating arrangements, foster a sense of community while maintaining a connection with nature. The duplex modern house design redefines urban living, providing residents with sophisticated, comfortable, and sustainable homes that embrace the essence of contemporary living.

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