Two Storey Modern House



Private Client


314 sqm


Manila, Philippines


Exterior and Interior Design

This striking two-storey modern house is a testament to sophisticated design, where bold architectural elements merge seamlessly with contemporary living. The grandeur of the structure is accentuated by expansive windows that infuse every corner with natural light, revealing a meticulously curated interior characterized by high ceilings and an indulgent dark earth-toned color palette. The interplay of rich hues and sleek lines exudes an aura of refined elegance, while the spacious interiors are thoughtfully adorned with modern furnishings that embody both comfort and style. This residence stands as a captivating synthesis of design elements, where the marriage of big windows, high ceilings, modern aesthetics, and a dark earth-toned color scheme creates a uniquely inviting abode that transcends time and trends.

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