Lime Resort Manila (Alfresco Area)



Lime Resort


880 sqm


Manila, Philippines


Exterior Design

Nestled gracefully along the shoreline, this modern beach club stands as a masterpiece of architectural harmony. Its design philosophy revolves around embracing nature’s allure while introducing contemporary allure. A sunken lounge serves as the heart of the club, offering a sunlit haven amid lush landscapes. This intimate retreat, with its organic seating arrangements surrounding a central firepit, invites guests to unwind and connect in an environment that’s both elegant and natural.

The allure of this beach club is further accentuated by an infinity pool that appears to merge with the horizon. Designed to mimic the tranquil rhythm of the ocean waves, the pool’s vanishing edge creates an illusion of endless water meeting the cerulean sky. Adjacent to this aquatic haven, a series of gently swaying hammocks beneath the shade of palm trees offer moments of pure relaxation. This retreat exemplifies the perfect balance between sophistication and leisure, where guests can bask in the sun’s warmth while being soothed by the sea’s rhythm.

As the day transitions into evening, our architectural marvel transforms into a captivating sunset bar lounge. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls frame the mesmerizing spectacle of the sun descending into the ocean. The bar, adorned with coastal accents, becomes a center of attraction, offering crafted beverages against the backdrop of the shifting hues. Thoughtful seating arrangements encourage intimate conversations, making it an ideal setting for savoring cocktails, mingling, and witnessing the breathtaking beauty of twilight.

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